The enchanting tale of a soul's yearning to weave melodies and enrapture hearts as a singer.”


Josie Salvitti


Born November 2011, this American Idol-bound, 12-year-old is unstoppable. 

Her singing career started at age 10, performing in SW Florida and Pittsburgh, PA.  Recently receiving a special VIP invitation from American Idol to go straight to LA auditions when she is of age.

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Wrote and recorded her first song in Nashville, TN 

Before Josie turned 12 in Nov. 2023 she went to Nashville, TN to write and record her first original song with Noah Henson, Noah Henson Music, and the very talented Noah West.  The three kicked it off immediately and will be writing their next song together in Feb. 2024.  

Look for “On My Way” releasing soon in 2024!

A special moment with Lainey Wilson (JUNE 2023) 

Josie gets a special moment with Lainey Wilson.  A dream come true when Lainey finished her up-and-coming song Watermelon Moonshine.  She turned to Josie and let her sing the chorus with her.  The next few days after was just crazy and led to American Idol reaching out to Josie!  Josie receives a VIP pass straight to LA for auditions when she turns of age.  


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