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Josie received her very first stage during the CMA FEST in Nashville, June 7th, 2024 at THE Twelve Thirty CLUB 

All I can say is that this day was so special to me.  Thank you to The Twelve Thirty Club - Meghan for having me and allowing me to be part of the CMA Fest weekend.  Thank you to Ryan McMahan for all you do for me, and it was so nice meeting you all.

This was my first time singing all of my original music that I helped write with some amazing songwriters. I cannot wait to do it again.  Here is my first original ON MY WAY that was just released singing at The Twelve Thirty Club.

A special moment with Lainey Wilson (JUNE 2023) 

Josie gets a special moment with Lainey Wilson.  A dream come true when Lainey finished her up-and-coming song Watermelon Moonshine.  She turned to Josie and let her sing the chorus with her.  The next few days after was just crazy and led to American Idol reaching out to Josie!  Josie receives a VIP pass straight to LA for auditions when she turns of age.  

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